The Band

Band members:

Bob Helsten – Vocalist for “Dryrot” (1995-1999). Vocalist/Guitarist for “Integrated System of Machines” (2005-2009). Vocalist for “End of Existence” 2010-2012.
Alexander Rudenko – Guitarist for “Saint Odious” (1996-1998). Guitarist for ‘Forgotten Spirit” (1998-1999).
Denis Kosyakov – Drummer for “Saint Odious” (1996-1998).
Roman Shantyr – Guitarist for “Malignant Vision” (2004-2009).

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January 2009. Cold ukrainian winter evening. An unrealistic at the first glance proposal was born – to make music at any price. Forming a band is a usual thing, one could say. It happens every day and everywhere. But sometimes things are not as trivial as one would like them to be. Several thousands kilometres separated friends from each others. Alex and Denis are living in Ukraine, whereas Roman resides in The Netherlands.

Common purpose, enthusiasm and … internet are the three key stones of AstrogentA’s existence.

Internet became a main communication channel of the project. All compositions present on this page are a result of an exciting collaboration.

Most of the time, only instrumental tracks were recorded and … the lack of singer became more an more obvious. Lots of hours were spent in searching, communication, discussing with different people who want to be a part of the project at least for one song. In this way, great in our opinion tracks were born. We managed to work with Harry Schipper (NL), Kathlin Endris (USA), Cesar Vigouroux (Chile). As result, three video clops were made by us with our creative friends.

Later, back in 2011 the overall progress of the project became invisible. Personal circum stances kicked, finding singers became more and more difficult. That was the moment when we decided to release our first album and record vocal tracks ourselves. ‘Septem’ was released at the end of 2011 and is freely available for download.

Time was flying, we stopped actively searching for the singer and concentrated on making different kinds of videos with own sound tracks. Also Alex (guitar) has released his own solo album ‘Deprimo Graffiti’.

Finding a good singer became even more unreal. Until once, in summer 2013, we were contacted by Bob Helsten (USA) with a very clear proposal. After a first rehearsal it became obvious – we were heavily missing him during last 4 years. Quick responses, lots of ideas and most important – his enthusiasm led to a great collaboration flow. Also Bob agreed to become a permanent project member, which made AstrogentA awake again. To understand who we are writing about here is a couple of items from his story of life: opened for Ronnie James Dio, Alice Cooper, Warrant, Vixen, Soilwork, Warbringer, Darkane, Trapt. Won several battles of the bands. Recorded self titled album with Billy Morse (Warrant) Jamie St. James (Black n Blue). Got on a compilation CD with Cavalera Conspiracy and Arch Enemy.

Currently, together with Bob as AstrogentA’s singer, we are working on our new album. Updates will follow.

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